Preparing Sellers for Their Radon Test

Hey Readers…

This post doesn’t come as a result of a direct question, but it’s something that you may find useful. I often have a difficult time getting in touch with sellers to properly prepare them for the radon test that their buyers have requested.

In order for the test to be performed to the proper EPA and NEHA-NRPP standards, certain protocols must be followed. Those include cooperation from the residents of the home.

You can access a downloadable pdf file, called Preparing Sellers for their Radon Test, by clicking on the link. You can also find it in the gray download box in the right sidebar (titled RadonPrep), along with other, free to download, pdf files.

Feel free to download any of these files and share them with others.


2 Responses

  1. Hey Mark, there’s no ‘dowload box’ with ‘Preparing Sellers for their Radon Test’ anywhere in sight- just thought you may like to know….

  2. Take a look on the right hand side of this page. Directly under the “Subscribe to Hey Mark!” section, you’ll find a gray colored box that has several downloads available on it. The very first one is called “RadonPrep.pdf”. Sometimes that box appears as an icon. If you pass your mouse over it, or click on it, it will enlarge for you.

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