Q. Sources of Radon Gas?

Q. Hey Mark,
I’ve heard two different things about radon gas from two different inspectors. One inspector said that radon comes from soil. The other said that it can be brought into the home through other things. Which is right?

A. Hey Kathy,

Both inspectors are correct, you just didn’t get a complete explanation from either of their comments. Radon is produced from the natural decay of uranium/radium in the earth’s crust and that decay ultimately produces radon gas and other dangerous decay products. The gas can then work its way through the soil and get trapped in our homes. Continue reading

Q. An Abandoned well…

Q. Hey Mark,

I am a real estate agent, and recently a buyer’s inspector said that the abandoned well on the property wasn’t capped. He said even though it wasn’t part of his inspection, he thought it was a safety concern and that it should be capped. What do you think about him commenting on something that wasn’t part of the inspection? And what would you recommend my sellers do about this well?

Heather H.

A. Heather,

As a property inspector myself, I understand completely the situation this inspector was in. On the one hand, the well has nothing to do with the home or the habitability of the home, especially since it is abandoned. On the other hand, he did observe a potentially hazardous condition on the property. One that I think most buyers would want to be made aware of. Continue reading