Q. What’s the Problem with Fuse Panels?

Q. Hey Mark,

The home I am buying has a fuse panel. I was told this is bad and some insurance companies will not insure the home. Is this correct?

Rose R.

A. Hey Rose,

Having a fuse panel in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing. Fuse panels are older, but older doesn’t necessarily mean defective. In fact, fuses have proved to be a reliable way of protecting circuitry because of their design. Continue reading


Q. What can I do about ungrounded, converted outlets?

Q. Hey Mark, What can I do about two prong outlets that have been converted to three prong outlets but are ungrounded? I was told this is a shock hazard, and I don’t want to rewire my entire home.

Rob R.

A. Hey Rob,

Thanks for the question. This particular problem can be handled a couple of different ways. And each of these solutions should be addressed by a qualified electrical professional. (There may be other issues involved such as knob and tube wiring or solid aluminum wiring, which make this issue more complex.) Continue reading