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Contact: Mark Nahrgang, Certified Building Inspector

Kingdom Inspection Network Group – St. Louis

7127 Mexico Road, #147, Saint Peters, MO 63376

FAX: 636-278-1939 Tel: 636-278-1849 Toll Free: 866-931-KING (5464)

New web site is a helpful tool for those seeking an advantage in today’s tightening real estate market

St. Peters, MO – February 28, 2008 – St. Louis area Realtors® and their customers have questions, and now they have a place to get those questions answered. A St. Louis based home inspection company has launched a brand new web site, designed to be a helpful tool to anyone involved in a real estate transaction. Real estate professionals, homebuyers, and sellers are encouraged to visit the site to learn about the home inspection process and to glean from the ever-growing question/answer portion of the web site.

Mark Nahrgang, of Kingdom Inspection Network Group (KiNG), says the idea for the site came from the many phone calls he receives from Realtors with questions. “I regularly receive phone calls from agents trying to make heads or tales out of something they’ve been told about a piece of property,” says Nahrgang. “I have taught Continued Education classes for the local Real Estate association, and many agents have come to trust that I will take the time to explain things clearly and in layman’s terms.”

Nahrgang says that although the site’s main purpose is to answer home inspection questions, it can also be a helpful tool in today’s tightening real estate market. “A home seller simply must take every advantage possible,” he says. Nahrgang believes homeowners who educate themselves about the condition of their home, prepare for the home inspection process, and remedy any issues that could become a stumbling block to a home sale will go a long way towards a successful transaction.

The web site can be found at Searchable question and answer archives are maintained on the site, making it easy for visitors to see if their questions have already been answered. If not, they can easily send their home inspection questions to Mark via the web site’s interface. In addition, the site maintains a list of quality links and informative articles, making it a great resource for anyone who is buying or selling a home.

For additional information, contact Kingdom Inspection Network Group at 636-278-1849 or toll free at 866-931-KING (5464).

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Tests Can reveal drug use at home, tell whether property was used as meth lab, Home Inspector says

Contact: Mark Nahrgang, Certified Building Inspector
Kingdom Inspection Network Group
7127 Mexico Road, #147, Saint Peters, MO 63376
Tel: 636-278-1849 Toll Free: 866-931-KING (5464) FAX: 636-278-1939

Saint Peters, MO – July 30, 2007 — Think Missouri’s Methamphetamine problem couldn’t affect you? Think again. The very air you breathe and surfaces you touch on a daily basis could be contaminated with dangerous drug contaminants. Missouri has the highest meth lab activity in the country and no area is exempt from its potential dangers.

Most people are aware of the dangers of an existing meth lab, yet are oblivious to the health risks that continue long after the meth cooks are gone. According to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), dangerous contaminants can be found in walls, carpets, sinks, drains, ventilation systems, and other surfaces of former meth labs. DHSS says these contaminants can cause respiratory problems, skin and eye irritation, headaches, nausea, and dizziness. Little is known about the health risks of long-term exposure.

Currently, there is no comprehensive system for tracking homes that were once used as meth labs, but even if there were, authorities say many are never detected by law enforcement. “These properties can be cleaned up and offered for rent or sale with no one knowing the drug contaminants are there,” says Mark Nahrgang of Kingdom Inspection Network Group.

However, a certified household drug pollution inspector can do a simple swab test to detect various types of drug residue. Nahrgang says potential clients are people who are about to buy or rent a home, landlords with concerns about their property, parents who suspect their teen is using drugs at home, or a person suffering mysterious physical symptoms after moving into a new home. If drug contaminants are found on a property, proper cleanup should take place to prevent ongoing health problems. Meth Lab cleanup guidelines can be obtained from DHSS by calling (573) 751-6102.

Kingdom Inspection Network Group (KiNG) was started in 2005 as an outgrowth of Ohio Property Inspection Services. For additional information on household drug pollution testing, contact KiNG at 636-278-1849 or toll free at 866-931-KING (5464).

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